Social Platypus – Data Dashboard

Social Platypus -   Data Dashboard

The following is a sample user interface for a social analytics platform.
The platform allows users to schedule campaign, keep track of campaign results, and notify top performing post, via the dashboard.
Users can easily "add new post" or "add new channel" upon login.

Campaign Statistics -         Channel Distribution

User clicks on pie chart to view channel distribution of total reach of weekly campaigns.
In this case, out of the 2.5m social media profiles reached, 28% are from Twitter, 36% are from Facebook, and 36% are from Instagram.

Weekly/Monthly               Statistic Option

Easily switch from weekly to monthly, to view overall campaign reach and engagement results.

Post and Channel Reach

Click on tabs to view no. of scheduled posts, published posts, and track total reach for each social media channel.

Daily Statistics -                   Reach & Engagement

User check 'Daily Reach & Engagement' data to track campaign effectiveness.
Mouse over data points to view figures, click on data point(s) to keep data in view, and click outside to remove figures. 

Social Platypus Dashboard UI

UI exploration, and work flow.  All animation are made with Adobe After Effects