UI Animation

This page presents more experimentation work with user-interactivity such as icons animation, and user-onboarding interactions. Animations are created with PrincipleforMac and Adobe After Effects.

1 - Mobile swiping effect, “click trail”
Description: Experimenting with swiping-transition to give user an indication to swipe up and down to navigate, for user-onboarding tutorials 
(made with Adobe After Effects)
2 - Circular loading time
(made with PrincipleforMac)
3 - Progress bar I
(made with Adobe After Effects)
4 - Progress bar II
(made with Adobe After Effects)
5 - Switch cards transition
(made with Principle for Mac)
6 - Swipe-up to open card
Description: using the card method to showcase products on mobile commerce.
(made with Principle for Mac)
7 - Select Payment UI
Description: animated with Adobe After Effects