Project One

Walnut - a personal finance app

With 3 simple pages - 'budget', 'expense' and 'balance', users are able to keep track of daily expenses. Walnut also lets you sync your mobile app with the desktop version, letting you view monthly and yearly expenses, and set alerts for budget caps.
#user-flow #prototyping #concept #ui-animation

Function & Features

*refer to wireframes above

4.1 Budget - Category : This section allows you to view all your budgets with different categories such as Food, Transport, and Leisure. Clicking the '+' icon allows you edit existing budgets or add new ones

4.2  Existing Budget Entry : Select existing categories via the drop-down field, and it'll pre-populate the 'budget' and 'expense' fields, see screen 4.4

4.4 Add new expense category : you can include any tag for your expenses e.g. 'pizza', 'netflix subscription', or 'coffee beans'...

7. Expense - Month : view your monthly expenses in one simple pie-chart, click on the 'Today' tab, and it'll bring you to your daily expenses page

7.1 Expense - Today :  simply side-scroll from right-to-left  to view past expenses, and click on bar-graph to view individual entries

8. Balance : get notified when you're over budget (or motivated when you're not 🙂 ) this page also lets you make quick notes in case you need to plan ahead for that overdue vacation ...

Project Two

Trading App - Standard Chartered

The app allows traders to easily access, purchase, sell and track stocks daily. My role was to refine color profile, and also layout for the app.
#color-profile #branding UI

Project Three

LoanGarage - a simpler way to loan products

From user-research, prototyping to finish product, LoanGarage was notified as 1 out 75 game changing platforms by Venturebeat and Yahoo Finance.
Launched at DEMO 2012 in San Jose, California, LoanGarage was set up to facilitate micro loans in Asia, bringing the gap between the bank and the unbanked.
"Borrowers make loan application in 3 simple steps, and have lenders recommended to them depending on loan amount and repayment period."
Interviews were conducted with lenders and borrowers leading to development of key features on web platforms.
"Lenders receive loan application, manage approvals and appointments directly on the platform."
My role as a designer was to notify concerns from both loan applicants and lenders, while researching on how to make the platform work as seamlessly as possible during the loan application process.
#user-research #ux #branding

Project Four

Playlistify - a music compilation app

. . . compile, discover, and personalize music tracks

This project serves to explore new layouts and concepts for a music discovery app. We imagine that users are able to view number of fans listening to a music track in real-time. Here is another take on the current Soundcloud's feature - i.e. user being able to follow other music listeners, and have other users 'following' his or her compilations likewise.
#ui #concepts #prototyping #user-research

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