LoanGarage Lending Platform

LoanGarage - a simpler way to loan products

From user-research, prototyping to finish product, LoanGarage was notified as 1 out 75 game changing platforms by Venturebeat and Yahoo Finance. Launched at DEMO 2012 in San Jose, California, LoanGarage pathed the way to micro loans in asia.
My role as a designer was to notify concerns from both loan applicants and lenders, while researching on how to make the platform work as seamlessly as possible during the loan application process. Interviews were conducted with lenders and borrowers leading to development of key features on web platforms.



Loan Application Process

Borrowers make loan application in 3 simple steps:
  1. Fill up applicant particulars
  2. Select loan amount
  3. Select purpose of loan



Lenders receive loan application on a single platform. Lenders are also able to view credit status to approve and reject application. Platform allows lenders to follow up with credit owners.
*Platform is approved by MAS - Monetary Authority of Singapore