9 Brilliant Sites for Viral & ShareWorthy Content

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts, this list of websites will come in handy for sharing mood-lifting and viral content especially for Mondays. Here’s a breakdown on what each site represents and the type of content that would resonate with your audience. 1. Wimp.com – This site has the most number of content for

Free Marketing Tools to Get Your Business Off the Ground

When a visitor visits your website, chances are they are still “browsing” around to get to know your products and services, make sure you don’t let all that traffic go to waste. Be sure to have a subscription section on your website to allow users to keep in touch with you. 1. Sumome.com – Tools to

7 Resource Sites for Free High Resolution Photos

If you’re a content marketer responsible for managing your company’s social media channels, having relevant high resolution photos and images can be a challenge. These 7 websites hosting stunning (free) photos for download can be a life-saver when it comes to campaign creation. Each site has its own variety of photo-category and the type of

Turn Visitors into Fans with This Simple Instagram Plugin

Having a website for your business is the first step to reach out to a wider set of audience. A well-presented website is liken to a brochure that customers can refer to, to find more about your services and who’s behind your business. With the advent of social media channels, and the increasing user growth,

(Printable) Social Media Planning Template

Because it’s quite a struggle to get back to the daily grind after weeks of decadence, we’ll keep our first post for the year, light and simple. Here’s a social media planning template to make your mornings a little lighter. Simply mark your scheduled campaigns along the timelines for each social media channels, be it

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

What is UGC? You might have heard this digital marketing buzzword recently called UGC, also known as User Generated Content. To demystify what UGC is, it is essentially content that is contributed by consumers, users and readers. In a broader context, platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Wikipedia are tools that

5 Social Media Tips to Super-Charge your Marketing Campaigns

Being the social media marketing to-go-to person in your company can be a pressurising position. Some misperceptions include “…so you post things on Facebook all day? and you get paid for that???” (rolls eyes here) Below are some tips to de-bunk such myths and to power-charge your role as The Community Manager in the hood

How to use Facebook to promote your business?

With 1.5 billion active users per month, your business is set to be viewed by a wide reach of audience. Brands with top number of fans include Zalora, an online fashion retail which now has a physical store in Orchard, has 6.4 million fans on its Facebook page. Lazada, an e-commerce retail store in the

Instagram turns 5 – here are 5 inspiring accounts we are following! #LadiesEdition

Instagram turns 5! and we are celebrating it with 5 inspiring accounts that we are following! #LadiesEdition https://instagram.com/ms_rach/ – Rachel is the co-founder of online fashion label LoveBonito.com. She was featured on Forbes Under 30 recently, a super-charged event for entrepreneurs achieving big milestones in their businesses. Brilliant work Rach! keep up the energy! https://instagram.com/dreachong/ –

How to use Instagram like a Rockstar

According to Socialbakers, a leading social media analytics platform, Instagram drives 110x more engagement than Twitter for the Top 25 most engaging brand profiles. This comes as no surprise as an image conveys more than a ‘140 characters’ tweet per second. We are living in an image driven culture, which explains why networks such as

Extraordinary Women in Business

Running a business in an uphill challenge, you wake up each day and you realised that the world’s weight is on your shoulder. Not to mention the people who are working with you, without you there would be no them, and vice versa. As a remarkable boss, you have the task to be quick in

Freebies of the Day: High Res Images

Here’s sharing with you some of our favourite sites on where to get high quality images for free! Images via http://www.pexels.com/ – if you love their images, you can donate coffee tips via paypal 🙂 Images via http://magdeleine.co/ – handpicked images for your daily inspiration Icons via http://graphicburger.com/ – a really superb site for icons, templates, and website mock-ups. Subscribe

3 Simple Social Media tips to Increase Audience Reach

In the last post, we shared on tips on different types of social media campaigns that you can run for your online business, mostly for Facebook. Today we’ll share with you tips on how to ‘growth-hack’ your way on other social media platforms. Step 1: If you are running an image-based campaign, we recommend that