Why eBook is an Effective Way to Connect with Your Customers

If you are providing a service as part of your business, giving away an eBook filled with value-add information is a great way to connect to your present customers. Providing useful information to customers is also a brilliant way to generate word of mouth that leads to getting new customers. Before you squirm at the

(Printable) Social Media Planning Template

Because it’s quite a struggle to get back to the daily grind after weeks of decadence, we’ll keep our first post for the year, light and simple. Here’s a social media planning template to make your mornings a little lighter. Simply mark your scheduled campaigns along the timelines for each social media channels, be it

Anatomy of an Ecommerce Store

Here are a few things to think about when setting up your e-commerce store, 1. Simple Navigation and Image driven Layout A good website is usually image driven. Having a photo-slider on the top half of your website is a brilliant feature that frees up static space. With a photo-slider you can showcase more of

5 Resource Sites for a Web Designer, for Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Kicking off our ‘Resource Guide Series’, here’s a list of 5 top sites that we’re sharing today to make your life a tad happier as a web designer; 1. Awwwards.com Awwwards.com is a site that recognises top creative talents and creation. It’s an annual event that gives out award for design, creativity and innovation on

How to Use Customer Reviews and Product Ratings to Drive Purchase Online

According to SearchEngineLand.com, 77% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. A survey research done by MarketingLand.com revealed that 2 out of 3 respondents reported reading online reviews before making a purchase. Now more pertinent than ever, businesses online ought to think about how to use ‘customer reviews’ and ‘product ratings’ in an effective way to 1.

Email Retargeting Tips + How Not to be Creepy with Data

Customers can be a fickle bunch especially when browsing for deals online. Many times you will find that customers tend to abandon purchase carts just before they make a purchase. There are many reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. The Scenario For example, 25 years old, Sara, is shopping for clothes online, she sees a

How to use Facebook to promote your business?

With 1.5 billion active users per month, your business is set to be viewed by a wide reach of audience. Brands with top number of fans include Zalora, an online fashion retail which now has a physical store in Orchard, has 6.4 million fans on its Facebook page. Lazada, an e-commerce retail store in the

How to use Instagram like a Rockstar

According to Socialbakers, a leading social media analytics platform, Instagram drives 110x more engagement than Twitter for the Top 25 most engaging brand profiles. This comes as no surprise as an image conveys more than a ‘140 characters’ tweet per second. We are living in an image driven culture, which explains why networks such as

Extraordinary Women in Business

Running a business in an uphill challenge, you wake up each day and you realised that the world’s weight is on your shoulder. Not to mention the people who are working with you, without you there would be no them, and vice versa. As a remarkable boss, you have the task to be quick in

5 Social Media Engagement Campaigns to Inspire

When it comes to engaging your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, there are quite a number of campaigns ideas that you can start with. Simple ones includes giveaways and lucky-draws. Today we are sharing with you 5 types of social media campaigns for Facebook to inspire you: 1. True or False?

Online Marketing For Small & Medium Businesses

As a marketing personnel, there are a gazillion things to do, to plan and to think of. It is vital that you take time to plan out what your business goals are and at which stage of the customer purchasing funnel that you need to focus on. In our previous post, we shared the ‘customer

5 Email Marketing Tips to Start With

Email is still the longest standing medium of communication in this digital era. Believe it or not, email has turned 40! yet it is still the single most important means to reach out to your fans and users, to turn them into loyal customers. Here’s a chart on a consumer’s purchasing funnel:   image via o2ointeractive

Social Media Marketing- Where do I begin?

If you have Andy Williams song stuck in your head (or the Shirley Bassy version) when it comes to social media marketing, you’re not alone. Social media marketing is not just about Facebook and Twitter. To sum it up, below is a chart on existing social media channels out there. Read further on, and we’ll

Why You Should Have a Landing Page

Now that you’ve done all the hard-work of creating a great website, put all the campaigns in place to drive traffic to site, how to do you make sure that you don’t let all that traffic go to waste? By capturing those leads into an email database, using a Landing Page. Having a Landing Page

5 types of Content to Grow Your Fans

Last week we shared a post on Content Strategy, and why you should include content as part of your marketing efforts. Today we’ll be sharing 5 types of content to get you started, to engage your audience and delight your customers. 1. Problems VS Solutions approach Think about the possible problems that your customers might face

Personal Marketing Done Right – Case Study: Zalora

One of the leading e-commerce companies that has broke ceilings and record sales is Zalora. Set up in 2012, funded by the rocket brothers, Zalora’s guerilla marketing strategy and personalized marketing tactics paid off three years later. With a physical shop set up in the heart of Orchard Road, Zalora sets the pace for the