Free Marketing Tools to Get Your Business Off the Ground

When a visitor visits your website, chances are they are still “browsing” around to get to know your products and services, make sure you don’t let all that traffic go to waste. Be sure to have a subscription section on your website to allow users to keep in touch with you.

1. – Tools to Grow your Website Traffic has a number of free tools that you can integrate onto your website to encourage users to sign-up to your ‘newsletters’. There are various sections on your website that you can place an email ‘sign-up form’ to let users make a subscription. One of which is above the fold of the web-screen, before your users scroll down. has a great example on placing subscription box on the top fold of the web screen, letting users know of the benefits to come.

shopify-subscription, which is an e-commerce site for women’s clothing, has a good example of placing ‘sign-up forms’ at the footer.


If you’re looking for free plugins to integrate to your new website, is a nifty tool. However, to personalize the post-subscription message, you would have to sign-up to the premium account.

Other alternative options include and

2. – Tools to build your email list, and templates to customize

Once you’ve build your email subscription list, be sure to keep in touch with your subscribers. is an email service provider that allows you to send email updates up to 2000 subscribers for free, after which you would have to pay a monthly fee for the premium account.

A brilliant service if you’re just starting out to build your email database.

What’s great about this service is the variety of email templates that you can customize;

email-templates also have a ‘sign-up form’ and ’email-popup’ plugin tools which you can embed on your site, under the ‘custom-forms’ section.


Aside from customizable email templates, comes with advance segmentation capabilities where you can personalize your email messages according to demographics, gender, and shopping preferences etc.

3. – a free design tool

If you’re not as savvy with Photoshop to build stunning marketing collaterals, fret not, is here to help. With simple ‘drag & drop’ features, the tools at makes designing Facebook post fun and fuss-free.

Photoshop purist might vouch otherwise, but this tool does come with pre-designed templates that are quite inspiring. 

When you’re task to run multiple marketing campaigns from social media post to producing gift certificates, is a brilliant tool to do just that.

Here’s a snapshot of the tools and templates available,


The examples available are also a great source of inspiration. You’re also able to upload original images, plus it comes with good amount of features to assemble and edit images with readily-made available fonts.

A little social media tip, according to, tweets with images gets more ‘re-tweets’ and higher engagement level.


If you’re looking for inspired images to accompany your Tweets and Facebook post, here’s a list of resources that you can useEach week, we’ll be sending out newsletters that will include ‘tools & tips’ on growth and marketing, do subscribe to our newsletter for more similar updates.  

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