7 Resource Sites for Free High Resolution Photos

If you’re a content marketer responsible for managing your company’s social media channels, having relevant high resolution photos and images can be a challenge. These 7 websites hosting stunning (free) photos for download can be a life-saver when it comes to campaign creation. Each site has its own variety of photo-category and the type of images available.

Most of the photos are up for free download without any attribution required. A few of the sites come with a ‘coffee-tip’ button for users to show some appreciation to the photographers for their work.

These resources will also give a leg-up for those of you starting a new business, and looking to build brand presence for your website.

ISO Republic


ISO Republic has a brilliant photo collection on urban dwellers, the hustle and bustle of cities, and landscapes. The images are completely free for both personal and commercial use without any attribution required. Though not as extensive a portfolio as compared to other stock-photo websites, we reckon we’ll be back for more to check out new entries.



PicJumbo.com is one of our favourite sites to source out for niche photography category such as ‘sunlight’. Each month, the editor publishes a set of images with a common topic such as food. If you’re a seasoned designer, PicJumbo also has a Photoshop plugin which you can download, at a subscription fee per month, to get access to its set of images directly in Photoshop.



We really love the quality of images and photos at Pexels.com. The images at Pexel.com are less of a standard cookie-cutter version of the images the one would find elsewhere. If you’re a designer responsible for sourcing out images, you would understand the ubiquity of some stock-images. It is quite refreshing at times to see more original work, almost a blasphemy to have it for free. A coffee-tip as a token of appreciation would be apt followed by a simple tweet as gratitude-pr.



Not only StockSnap.io has a brilliant collection of stunning images, it also has a good user-experience to discover photos according to ‘what’s trending’ and ‘favourites’ selection by the community. The only critic is that there is no category function to find out the type of images that exist, except for a search bar. If you’re looking to discover more images, StockSnap.io is a good place to do so.



Aside from Pixabay’s extensive choice of really stunning images, what we really love about the site is the photographers’ profile section. Pixabay’s user-experience allows users to navigate through a photographer’s profile and photo collection. The site also suggest related images for download, which is helpful. There is also a ‘coffee-tip’ donation button where you can show a lil gratitude to the photographer, for all the effort they have put it.



Unsplash.com is a personal favourite, subscribe and you’ll receive 10 stunningly crafted photos delivered to your inbox every 10 days. The photos at Unsplash are the archetypes of emotional value. From landscape to architecture, objects to portraits, we are gradually becoming a fan. I would recommend subscribing not just for commercial use, these photos individually are collectors item. They’ll make brilliant Instagram posts, no filters needed as they are gorgeous as it is..



If you’re looking for quirky, out of the world, surreal images, Gratisography.com is the source. Their logo itself is a funky one. Have a look at their whimsical category, they might come in handy for a satire piece.

A lil tip when selecting which image/photos to use,

There are a few caveats on using images which have been used extensively (judging by the high number of downloads). One is that, the images that have been used by multiple brands and have been seen by many web users. If you’re looking to differentiate your website’s branding, you might want to use an original image, instead of one that has been used by many others.

However, if you’re running a banner ad campaign, images that have been used by many businesses might signify ‘effectiveness’, as a website user’s attention span on banner ads usually last for about a second if not less. In the case of banner ads, simple direct images are better at communicating business proposition (to drive clicks), as opposed to abstract ones.

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Feature image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/jLwVAUtLOAQ , Canva.com

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