Turn Visitors into Fans with This Simple Instagram Plugin


Having a website for your business is the first step to reach out to a wider set of audience. A well-presented website is liken to a brochure that customers can refer to, to find more about your services and who’s behind your business. With the advent of social media channels, and the increasing user growth, these avenues presents ample opportunity for you to reach a wider set of audience.

One of the most widely used channels is Instagram. With more than 300 million active users per month globally, Instagram is becoming the top choice for sharing content. If you’re just starting out a business, Instagram is a good channel to start capturing young audience, and build your brand and portfolio.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can use Instagram to accompany your website –

We’ve recently completed a website for a health and nutrition brand, at EmendareHealth.com.au , we’ve decided to include the Instagram photo slider on the main page, with the aim to a) personalized the brand, and b) attract visitors attention with updates on the daily grind behind the business.


Simple features such as these not only give more confidence to first time visitors, but it also helps to engage existing customers with fresh, and updated content. Another example of a company that managed to grow its audience with good social media management is the clothing brand Grana.


When you visit Grana’s website, you’ll come across the Instagram photo-slider on the main page, with the hashtag #GranaWorld. This section of the site is automatically updated each time an Instagram profile user tag a post with the hashtag #GranaWorld. As such, Grana lets their own customers drive the social engagement of their brand – organic growth at its best.

What makes these brands more personal, approachable, and seamlessly attractive? The keyword here is ‘community building’.

With keywords that drive engagement and participation, brands such as #lululemon (the yoga wear company) are doing really well in the social media sphere, thanks to their branding message that resonates with the community.

By allowing customers themselves to post content with suggested #hashtag description, you are essentially putting the customers in the driver’s seat to spread the word about your brand. This also known as “User-Generated Content”. You can read more about User Generated Content here.

A Little Instagram Tip to Let Users Discover Your Posts,

Instagram provides recommendation to users with similar interest. More importantly, Instagram suggest your profile to other users with similar post description and interest. Thus tagging your posts with the right #hashtag description is key to letting your brands get discovered.

Web tools such as http://websta.me/, helps brands to discover similar description included on their post.

Here’s an example:


Link: http://websta.me/search/health

For example, doing a simple search on the site, produced 35 million Instagram entries with #health, and 65 million posts with #healthy. That’s quite a number of posts, and chances are, if you tag your content with a similar description, your profile will be discovered by users with similar interest.

Do a simple ‘#hashtag description’ search that’s relevant to your business, and find out which are the top keywords that people are using to discover similar content. Good to note that #healthyliving stands at 8.9 million, and #healthychoices stands at 9 mil. Have a bit of fun testing out various #hashtags, some posts do have an out of the world description.

Having social media channels integrated on your website goes a long way to building a brand, community and eventually fans.

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Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.