Photo Editing Apps to Level-Up Your Instagram Pics & Posts

Have you ever wondered how some Instagram accounts have the most beautiful post, and layout? If you are just a beginner at Photoshop, fret not, these mobile apps will be a brilliant addition to your photo editing tool set.

1. Font Candy


One of our favourite apps for photo editing is Font Candy. As the name of the app suggest, Font Candy allows you to add beautiful fonts on your post, and edit them with features such as ‘text artwork’ and ‘filters’.


The ‘text artwork’ feature allows you to add ready made text templates in a variety of fonts.


The ‘filters’ feature allows you to add hues and gradient to your photo, pretty similar to Instagram’s filter effects. There’s also the ‘sayings’ feature that comes with pre-written text such as ‘wanderlust’ and ‘explore always’. 


One of the unique features of Font Candy is the inverse background canvas option, where you can reverse the background image and make it into a foreground pattern.


2. PicLab

If you’re looking for an app to create collage of photos, and assemble multiple photos into a post, PicLab is great app for that.


Here’s an example of gems & jewellery that you can assemble into a single post, for new products launch for example.


What’s great about PicLab is that it allows you to add Text and Effects likewise.


Other features include Textures, Patterns, Borders&Shapes, and Lighting effects.


PicLab also has the ability to share post to a variety of social networks such as Tumblr. The feature to ‘add location’ is pretty useful for location-based businesses such as restaurants, cafe and bars.


You can find more inspiration on posts submitted by users on their Instagram profile:, and if you’d like to find out more, MuseWorks is the development house behind the nifty app.

3. PhotoCandy


PhotoCandy is the kind of app to level-up your Instagram game. It’s a lot more sophisticated than the previous tools in terms of features, templates and effects. If you’re looking to get some inspiration for that music festival posters and email blast, PhotoCandy will come in handy.

Below are a few examples of what you can do with the app:



Overlay effects category ranges from ‘funky’, ‘cutie’, ‘cool’ to ‘fun’. The ‘basic’ category is free, to access the rest you’d need to upgrade to the paid version. But for a price of a lunch meal, the premium version is quite a steal.


The app also comes with preset templates of patterns and option to adjust hues and gradients.




There are quite a variety of photo editing mobile apps out there. To discover more apps, head over to for reviews and ratings.

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Zee Ng

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