8 Gorgeous Type Face & Fonts to Fall-in-Love With

To support the creative community, Baklavva.co is now a Creative Market ambassador. Over time, we will feature and promote graphic work done by web designers and graphic artist. We believe in empowering the creative community, and although the best things in life are free, we also believe in paying fair amount for the creative work done for those who have put in the work and effort to make our world (both virtual, and in real life) a bit more beautiful.

So below featuring 8 gorgeous font, for this early month of December.

1. Elrotex Brush Type Face /  Font + Bonus Graphics


We are very thrilled to have this discovered this creative group called Maulana Creative. Absolutely love the bonus poster set that comes along with the purchase of the font. There is something surreal, soothing and refreshing about this artist’s work, a mix between space-time travel mix and dreamy imagery of everyday things.

More artworks here.

2. Vardy Display Type Face / Font


We are a fan of this font. You could be transported into a bowling alley with a 70’s music soundtrack playing in the background. But it is also versatile enough to be found in an Italian coffee house, probably in neon lighting, if not in a menu.

More artworks here.

3. Ruffle Beauty Type Face / Font


This is a pretty simple font, for the casual hand-writing effect that would pair well with a doodle.

More artworks here.

4. MFC Hardwood Monogram Type Face / Font


We picked this font for its timeless-ness. Place it against a wood-grained background, and you’ll have a hand-made workshop feel add to the ambience. Set it against a glass-drop or a metal object, and you’ll be transported to year 3030.

More artworks here for inspiration.

5. Hand-Book Type Face / Font


Another ‘hand-written’ type of font that we’ll have for keeps. It reminds me of that book “..faults in our stars”, with Juno the movie soundtrack playing in background, a very ‘down-to-earth’ feel, this one fits the movie genre bill.

More artworks here.

6. Naonweh Type Face / Font – http://crtv.mk/f0SN1


Despite the hard-to-pronounce description given by the artist, this font is an artwork on its own. Need little description, the set speaks for itself. Suits a venue for the edgy, with a bit of class.

More artworks and type setting here.

7. Argon Type Face / Font – http://crtv.mk/f0SN9


Each piece is a puzzle that the designer has assembled into creating a type face. Looks simple, but look closer, it’s an intricate combination of lines that creates a cohesive set when put together. We love this set for its modernity, ingenuity and simplicity.

More artworks here.

8. Christopher Type Face / Font


This is such a pretty font, we can’t end this post without it. We also love the illustrations that goes along with it. Be sure to check out the artist’s collection of patterns and amazing graphics. If you need postcard design inspiration, you’re on the right track.. 🙂

More artworks here.

Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.