5 Resource Sites for a Web Designer, for Daily Dose of Inspiration.

Kicking off our ‘Resource Guide Series’, here’s a list of 5 top sites that we’re sharing today to make your life a tad happier as a web designer;

1. Awwwards.com

Awwwards.com is a site that recognises top creative talents and creation. It’s an annual event that gives out award for design, creativity and innovation on the internet. From the site, you can discover thousands of winning creations on a variety of categories via tags;


Each year, thousands of creative work are submitted on site. Winners will be picked by a set of judges in the industry, to be showcased online. Awwwards.com also published the winning websites in a hardcover print book annually which can be purchased by fans.

For example, one of this year’s selected website is created for the climate change convention in Paris. On this website, users are encourage to pick one of the two answers to come to a decision on whether to save the earth or not. It also described it as “the easiest decision to make” (on web that is).

Another winning entry is an interactive postal service curated by the brand Milka, where users can send friends and family e-letters. You can virtually track your letter through the animation provided. An interactive site, with engaging visuals, and simple enough to navigate, not to mention stunning graphics.



From interactive websites for established brands, to e-commence portals of retail labels. For a designer, this site serve as a treasure trove for inspirations.

2. Creative Bloq.com

Creative Bloq is a resource blog on all things digital design. It covers different categories such as graphic design, web design, 3D modelling, and illustrations. 


There is also a tutorial section, showcasing tips and tools for design creations. Creative Bloq has a good coverage on conferences and events, so if you’re looking to participate in discussions and local events, this is a good site to get more information.

3. SmashingMagazine.com

Smashing Magazine is another resource blog that we are a fan of. 


It is also a great site for tutorials. If you are looking for a site to pick up technical skills, Smashing Magazine offers just that. Unlike Creative Bloq which is more tech news oriented, Smashing Magazine is more focused on tools, tips and tutorials.

4. FontSquirrel.com

If you’re looking to score some free fonts for that office party invitation card, Font Squirrel is a good bet. There are literally thousands of fonts up for download.


A caveat is that, make sure that the font you download is compatible for every browser. If your readers do not have a font installed on their browser, they would not be able to view your production, unless you convert the font into an image.

5. CreativeMarket.com

CreativeMarket.com is another resource site for design work. It has amazing templates for presentation and graphic work. We personally love the portfolios at CreativeMarket. This site has a more comprehensive category of artworks, from photos to icons, a good source of inspiration for designers and graphic artists.


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Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.