Handpicked 10 X’mas Gifts Ideas for Your Office Colleagues (or just keep them for yourself)


*warning: options below will create eternal procrastination, indecisiveness, and maximum selfish-ness to boot, unless shared, browse with caution.

1. SuperMario Bros 3 Soap Bar


Prank your office mates in the loo with this soap bar, it reads gluten and soy-free (lord knows), not tested on animals, and it’s vanilla scented. Comes in actual 8 oz of actual cartridge size.


See link here, for price and stock availability.

2. StarWars Ewok Knit Hooded Scarfs


Description: Ears have faux fur on the back, scarf measures 55 inches in length, and hand-wash only. Perfect for office weathers 🙂

See link here for stocks.

3. Das Boot Beer Pint Glass


Remember that bar scene in the movie Walter Mitty, somewhere in Iceland? Just before his girlfriend came around and sing ‘major tom’ … now you can have this boot beer pint glass without being Ben Stiller. Made of 100% glass and fills-up 7 cans of soda! Talking about Icelandic size..

See link here for stocks.

4. Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks!



Argh… they actually do light-up. I’m guessing they are battery operated (they are.). Made in Japan, comes in red and blue light, and they are officially-licensed Lucas Film merchandise. Should you decide to throw a sushi-themed party, these are brilliant pairs.

See link here for stocks.

5. Star Wars Special Edition X’mas Ornaments


By Hallmark, made in Resin material, perfect for the office’s X’mas tree. Comes individually and full-sets.

See link here for stocks.

6. Shark Attack Bowl !!!


hahaha, since we last saw this on Facebook, and we’ve been trying to track it down. What a joy to spot it at ThinkGeek, this is going be on my cutlery wish-list sets. As quoted from a mate “dinner will never be same again”.. hurhur. Maggie mee and noodles be damned.

See link here for stocks.

7. Power-up Heart Pint Glass

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.12.33 pm


Comes in pack of four, these pint glass cuties are brilliant whimsical addition to your beer-pong parties, and bed-side table all year round. Makes one smiley just by looking at them, I sure do hope that you’re a happy drunk..

See link here for stocks.

8. Star Trek Oven Mitt


For your office mate who loves to bake. Cookies, cupcakes and home-made bread are life savers, so may the force be with him or her always. Product Specification reads: “conquer hot lasagna with Vulcan grip (hurhur), made from 100% cotton (exterior) and 100% polyester (interior).”

See link here for stocks..(unfortunately they are out of stocks for now, and will be replenished in 6-8 weeks time from date posted for this article, still it’s a brilliant gift for any occasion.)

9. Knight Pen Holder


Witty hacks for ye boss, or for yourself to remind that you are the boss. So lead wisely or be lead, either way, the padawan of the pen will bring you greater glory. Fret not young warrior, for the wind of destiny will carry you dancing upon the stars. In other words, it’ll add a little oomph to your table decors.

See link here for stocks.

10. Laboratory Beaker Mug


But first coffee.. this laboratory breaker mug is microwave-safe, holds 400ml worth of brain juice, and makes sure that you are well-fuelled for your next mega-season Facebook campaign. It’s just grrreat.

See link here for stocks!

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