How to Use Customer Reviews and Product Ratings to Drive Purchase Online


According to, 77% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

A survey research done by revealed that 2 out of 3 respondents reported reading online reviews before making a purchase. Now more pertinent than ever, businesses online ought to think about how to use ‘customer reviews’ and ‘product ratings’ in an effective way to

1. differentiate themselves from competitors

2. encourage purchase when shoppers are browsing

Having the ‘customer reviews’ section also make the online shopping experience more approachable and less ‘risky’.

Below are a couple of examples from notable e-commerce sites that have successfully integrated both customer and product reviews section on their website.

1. is a website that sells a variety of items from fashion to electronics, retailed by individual merchant accounts aggregated on a single platform. What we love about is its smart integration of product reviews section for both Merchant and Products.

As compared to other e-commerce websites,’s layout, feel and graphics may not follow the minimalist flat-design ethos that you would find on more designer-label oriented sites such as Zalora. Qoo10’s branding also differs very much from that of the latter.

When you shop at, you can’t help but feel as thought you are shopping along the streets of Bangkok, somewhere along the streets of Chatuchak, ‘organised chaos’ is probably a fair description. Chances are, the target audience of online shoppers for is those who are looking for a bargain with little brand specification in mind. Now that we’ve side-tracked a little into ‘branding’, let me get back to the topic on ‘product reviews’ section.

Below is an example of a women’s shirt sold by the merchant Toki Choi,


On the product listing above, take note of the section that shows the ratings for the merchant, citing him/her as a ‘power seller with 4.5 stars’, with 1647 items listed on site. Information as such plays a major influence in the customer purchasing decision, and is a confidence booster for shoppers.


The product listing also includes ‘product rating’ section contributed by a customer who have perviously made a purchase. There is also an original picture uploaded by the customer. This avenue for positive customer reviews will most likely encourage the next customer to make a purchase.

Another example,

2. has come a long way since its beginning days, with subtle but landmark UX improvement done since its inception.


In reference to the product listing image above, notice how the ‘star-ratings’ section is placed right below the product description. On the right column section, it also includes ‘ratings’ for merchant/seller, again a major confidence booster for potential buyers to make purchases from trusted sources.

Spend sometime perusing the site, and you’ll notice how has mastered the art of ‘ratings and reviews’ plugins for its website.

Another (bonus) example,



If you are presently running your web store on, this is a brilliant example on how to put ‘product reviews’ to good use.

One of the plugins that you can consider using is called, which plugin you can integrate the onto your Shopify platform, allowing customers to review your products after a purchase.


You can learn more about Yotpo’s plugin from Shopify’s resource blog itself.

Hope this article comes in handy and provide a little insight on how to use ‘customer reviews’ and ‘product ratings’ to drive purchase online, a little caveat would be to avoid placing bogus customer reviews. Let your customers do the talking.

Other ways to facilitate customer confidence includes providing a short video of the product itself, to give a better idea of the quality of the product and how it functions. Videos are also a great way to boost the customer confidence to make purchases online, but we’ll reserve this topic for another post. 🙂

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