How a Personality Test Survey Site Amassed 18 million entries?

 … and become the most successful survey ever taken in the history of surveys?? Like all good things, it didn’t take over night. Read on..

Yesterday I discovered this personality test survey website called and it blew my mind. Not only it is freakishly accurate, but it’s smooth and seamless user-experience (UX) makes it ‘table-talk’ worthy. The promise of it being ‘under 12 minutes’ is also low-enough a barrier for a user to take part.

Needless to say, how the site amassed 18 million entries is not through luck nor magic. Setup in 2011, the site serves as the company’s psychology analytics aggregation platform.  Through beautifully crafted content, brilliant graphics, witty insights albeit too true, and an overall delightful user experience, we can learn a thing or two from the website when we craft our ‘survey campaign’ next.

It is also note-worthy how this behaviour analytics company garnered 14k fans on their Facebook pageand consistently update its followers on behavioural insights derived from its data.

Here’re a few things that we can take-away from this survey:

1. The Enticing Graphics

From the moment you landed on their main page, it’s vastly different from your average survey sites. When mentioned the word ‘survey’ you would probably have an image of ticks and check-boxes. But here at the main page, you find yourself acquainted with a number of characters that you’d find in an animation video or a mobile game. The graphics are approachable, relatable and refreshing for a survey site.


2. Seamless and Novel User Experience

Though the UX for desktop and mobile differs, much to our perplex finding as we very much prefer the mobile version (we love the thumbs!), overall the UX is simple to use. The site has a logical flow that comes with a progressive bar that allows users to pre-empt how many more questions one is left with to completion. Knowing that you have 10 questions more to go is comforting and motivating, as opposed to not knowing how many more questions you’d need to answer.

Desktop version:


Mobile version:


3. The Personality Types Presented

It is fairly amusing to note the personality types in advance,





Slightly gutted not to be part of the ‘Explorers’ league, I find myself seated amongst the Diplomats, as the ‘Campaigner’.

Under the career guide section it reads, Campaigners tend to be free spirited and are gargantuan on ideas. (hmm…)

.. freakishly accurate indeed.

Although the career path section mentioned bits on crunching social data and blog-writing, the last paragraph did cite “consultant” as a probable career option, so I settled with that. You might just want to take the plunge without snooping around this page before taking the survey if you prefer a surprise, and then find out who’s who later.

4. Insightful Analysis on Data Finds, if not Entertaining

The survey site dish out articles on whether a certain personality type is more likely to go to a bar when upset, than others. Turns out the Diplomats, the Explorers and the Analysts are more likely to hit a bar or attend a social gathering more than the Sentinels when they are feeling under the weather.

Articles also include whether you’re more likely to seek revenge when hurt in both short and long term. Data has it that you should rethink that office pranks for the INTJ & INTP types, for these guys hold grudges to their chest, and you might not want to over do those glitter bombs.

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