5 Social Media Tips to Super-Charge your Marketing Campaigns

Being the social media marketing to-go-to person in your company can be a pressurising position. Some misperceptions include “…so you post things on Facebook all day? and you get paid for that???” (rolls eyes here)

Below are some tips to de-bunk such myths and to power-charge your role as The Community Manager in the hood (even though there are only four person in your company at the moment, if you are a start-up company that is).

We know it’s hard to explain to your parents on why you are on Facebook all day, “aren’t you working???” (rolls eyes here).


Here are 5 social media tips and hacks to take your marketing campaigns to the next level, aside from just sharing viral content you spotted on Wimp.com this morning:

i) Time-framed Promo-code

Time-framed promo-code along with a 1-for-1 giveaway is a good deal for any customer. Here’s a case study on Sticky9.com, a company that turns your Instagram photos into “fridge” magnets. We have been a fan since ordering from them a few xmas seasons ago. This year, Sticky9 is running a 1-for-1 promo, and here’s a snippet of their campaign spotted on their Facebook page:


And if you subscribe to their mailing list, you’ll also receive the promo-code ‘XMASGIFT’ which last 24 hours till midnight. If you are running a blogshop, the time to run X’mas campaigns is now.

ii) Giveaways, Lucky draws, and SweepStakes

Wait, before you yawn at this paragraph, and think ‘ya, i thought of that’.. read on. Running  a lucky-draw contest is a traditional medium in marketing. You can run similar tactics on Facebook using tools such as WooBox.com. In fact, the tools at WooBox.com are brilliant for generating email list on which you can customise the input fields needed for your fans to participate in the contest. Below is an example found at the WooBox’s webpage for a non-profit brand called Fiji Water UK:



What’s brilliant about this tool is that it allows fans to ‘invite friends’ and ‘share to their wall’ after they participate in the contest to increase chances of winning. Be sure to think about the prizes that you will be giving away likewise. Whenever relevant, your giveaways do not always have to be merchandises that you are retailing, a ticket to an annual event like a music festival would probably drive more participants that say a branded item. Running sweepstakes is a great way to build email database, check out more of WooBox.com’s tools here.

iii) Level-up your photos with Flixel App

If you are already using Instagram and looking to level-up your Instagram images into moving pixels, check out Flixel App. Though it is not a free service, and the pricing is at $19.90 per month with cloud storage or $49.90 as an in-app purchase, it is a nifty application if you are planning to invest in tools and gadgets for your marketing efforts.


Check out Flixel’s Instagram profile for more moving images.

iv) Weekly music playlist for your fans & followers

Sometimes your content does not need to be a direct promo to your merchandise, treat your content as a conversation you would have with a friend. Facebook is a brilliant space for community building. Meaning, aside from just promoting your merchandise, your fans are humans (we tend to forget that), sharing things like music playlist is a great way to start the week for example.

For example, an indie label fashion brand OKI-NI sends out Mix Series to their subscribers’ inbox with songs that they curate monthly, via music platform Mixcloud.com


You can create playlist at Soundcloud, Spotify or Guvera and share them on your Facebook page. The misperception that you only need to focus on just uploading content on Facebook is a myth. THINK ‘CROSS-PLATFORMS’ – sharing content across platform is key to successful social media marketing.

v) Host all your content and promo announcement on your company website’s blog

If you visit Sticky9.com or OKI-NI’s website, both websites have an editorial section also known as the ‘blog’ section. To keep your content onsite is also a brilliant way to scale up SEO. So be sure to host all content and promo announcement on the ‘blog’ section of your website.

… and here’s what not to do get Facebook likes by the guys at OATMEAL (:


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Zee Ng

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