How to use Instagram like a Rockstar

According to Socialbakers, a leading social media analytics platform, Instagram drives 110x more engagement than Twitter for the Top 25 most engaging brand profiles. This comes as no surprise as an image conveys more than a ‘140 characters’ tweet per second. We are living in an image driven culture, which explains why networks such as Pinterest is getting a billion interaction a month. Spend sometime reading this post, and do a step-by-step checklist on what to do on Instagram, and we guarantee that you’ll build a solid cult following of fans and followers for your brand.

Instagram Audience – HUGE, YOUNG & GLOBAL

There are presently 300 million monthly active users and 75m daily active users on Instagram, that’s equivalent to a country like Turkey with a population of 74m people being active on a social network daily. The demographic for Instagram users are mostly below 35, account for more than 60% of total users. Instagram users are more likely to follow a brand’s page for stunning visuals as a form of escapism. This also explains why media brands such as National Geographic and TripAdvisor are doing very well on Instagram, who doesn’t love a beautiful setting of a mojito by the shores of Maldives.

According to Socialbakers these are the top consumer categories accounting for the rate of engagement.


If you’re running a lifestyle brand, be it fashion or electronics, there is no reason to not reach out to these active audience.

Top Instagram accounts we can  learn from

Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to get inspired by:



Nectar & Stone, a patisserie based in Melbourne, which does stunningly gorgeous desserts. From macaroons to chocolates that look too good to be gobbled up, we are absolutely smitten by every post on their account. Great composition and good lighting goes a long way.



Bedimages is an Instagram profile specialising in the hotel and travel industry. Set up by founder Ben Tan, the team is based out of sunny Singapore, while they jet set around the world capturing stunning images of hotels and travel destination merely using an iPhone. This goes to show that you don’t need to start with too many gears and lenses to start building a community.



Another one of our favourites is Fictive Fingers’ Instagram account, a design and print studio run by dynamic sister duo Hani & Aishah. This account has since grown to more than 16k followers since they start curating their products on Instagram. What appeals to users is their daily curation, i.e. the sneak peaks of their creations and what goes behind the scene in the making of their prints in their workshops.

Next: #hashtag campaigns, how to tag like a superstar

As you go through some of the Instagram profiles, you would notice #hashtags on the image description. E.g. #resorts, #hotel, #berlin, #travel, #architecture –


#hashtags are used to categorise an image, and it lets users search for a certain type of profile or image on the Instagram search bar.

E.g. if you’re looking to follow Fashion brands, simply type in “fashion” or “shoes”, and accounts with image described with the hashtags ‘#fashion’ and ‘#shoes’ will appear. Navigate to the ’Tags’ section of your account on mobile and you’ll find the images you’re looking for. As you can see below there are more than 36 million images relating to #shoes.


#hashtags are really useful especially when you just started using Instagram to build followers. It lets users discover your product through the search function, so be sure to categorise and tag your post accordingly.

What happens when you see an image you love and you want to share it

Reposting top accounts’ images is also another way to be active on Instagram. For example, you saw a shirt that you like on a fashion brand and you’d love to share it with your followers. Simply include “Repost @forever21″ before your message e.g. ‘we love this new top, great for both office and casual wear’ – Reposting is like comments, it lets you participate in other brands Instagram profile thus gaining more exposure.

We’ll have another post on ‘tagging’ your friend’s account and the power of influencers and celebrity bloggers on Instagram in our next coming post. For now, we hope you get a better idea on how Instagram works, and why you should sooner than later have a profile set up for your brand. Remember, sharing what you love is caring 🙂

Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.