Social Media Marketing- Where do I begin?

If you have Andy Williams song stuck in your head (or the Shirley Bassy version) when it comes to social media marketing, you’re not alone. Social media marketing is not just about Facebook and Twitter. To sum it up, below is a chart on existing social media channels out there. Read further on, and we’ll promise you that this post is worth your 15 minutes today.


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It looks rather overwhelming doesn’t it? Don’t worry, start with the basics, and grow your avenues gradually. Social media channels are like networking sessions, or dinner parties. Pick the core few where you’d like to “run your business with” on a daily basis, and pick a few others where you’d like to participate in weekly such as discussion forums.

Here’s a recommendation, we suggest that you use the 5 core social media channels to amplify your business offerings daily, they are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Below is a chart that sums up the community profile on these social networks, to guide you on the type of content and tone of voice for each networks via

Social media marketing is also known as ‘community building’. Some companies have a designated for person for this role called the “Community Manager”. His or her responsibility is to grow the community of the business.

Pinterest tend to have more female audience, the network is more image driven. Businesses such as interior design, fashion, and food related services will do well on Pinterest. Regular curation and good lighting on your images will do you well.

Instagram is also another brilliant network to tap into the image driven community, it is a great platform for viral posts. Check out @miserable_men on Instagram, a social profile that was setup to make known how miserable men feels when it comes to shopping. Set up by an e-commerce fashion label for men, this account is now followed by thousands around the world, and continues to be contributed by its followers daily.

For example, if you run a yoga studio, that also sells yoga outfit and merchandises, there are other more niche social networks that you’d find yoga enthusiast exchanging tips and ideas on. Do a simple Google search, and find out where and what these networks are, the keyword here is NICHE. Networks such as YELP – where people go to find out about places and check out ratings, are also a great avenue for people to discover about your business location and offerings.

3 Things to keep in mind when using social networks:

1. Type of Content –

The type of content will determine which social media avenues to use. Here’s a summary:

Images: Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Snapchat

Videos: Youtube, Vine, Keek

Surveys: Forums, Quora, Blogs

Promotions: Social commerce such as Groupon, LivingSocial,, Ensogo

2. Frequency of posts –

You don’t want to over-spam your readers. Post on the 5 core social media channels can be limited to 2-3 post daily.

3. Automate your posts sending process – 

Managing 1 or 2 channels can be time consuming let alone if you are using more than 10 regularly. Use a social media automation platform such as SproutSocial or Hootsuite. Automation platform allows you to send one post out to multiple channels without logging into those platforms separately. It also allows granular level tracking to find out how effective your campaigns are.

Takeaway from this post – start with the core 5 social networks, pen down your niche business proposition, find 3 or 4 more channels where your community ‘hangs-out’ and participate regularly. In the next post, we’ll share with you on how you can start planning your post with a story line for your brand, how to use #hashtags to find out what is trending, how people are discovering your services on social media, and how to respond to real-time needs with what you’ve got to offer.


Zee Ng

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