SEO tips – How to get Google to rank your site?

Now that you have a website, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make sure that users find your site when they do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

1. If you are using WordPress as a CMS platform for example, you can install an SEO plugin such as Yoast to easily managed your SEO inputs. When someone does a search for your product, you’ll get search results that look like this:


1 – Page Title: make sure that your page title includes a description of what your service provides or what product you are selling

2 – Permalink to your site: check that all your subpages url extend to a readable format: e.g. not

3 – Site description: this section represents the meta description of your site. The simpler it is, the better. Make sure that it includes keywords that users will search for when they look for your service or product. Google will capture this description to rank your site instead of trawling the entire site to “discover” your service, business or product.

4 – Focus keywords: these keywords tell a user about your services and the products that you provide, limit it to 4-5 keywords.

Aside from that, it is also good practice to use a keyword planner: to find out relevant keywords that your readers and audience would search for when they are looking for your type of content. Use these keywords in your post regularly. Citing relevant sites and hyper-linking back to them will also help. However avoid too many hyper-links as Google might consider it as spam. Overall, relevant content, with ‘meta-tags’ are good practice for SEO.

Above is a quick summary of what SEO is, to learn more about search engine optimization, we recommend sites such as Search Engine Land for more tips and tricks of getting a higher search ranking.

Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.