Personal Marketing Done Right – Case Study: Zalora

One of the leading e-commerce companies that has broke ceilings and record sales is Zalora. Set up in 2012, funded by the rocket brothers, Zalora’s guerilla marketing strategy and personalized marketing tactics paid off three years later. With a physical shop set up in the heart of Orchard Road, Zalora sets the pace for the future of online/offline retail marketing.

There are a few things that we can takeaway from this supersonic retail brand:

1. Highly personalised marketing campaigns

Zalora has managed to do what big boys like Amazon took years to achieve, that is automated granular level personal marketing. If you’re an avid online buyer, you’ll notice that Zalora sends very targeted email messages, down to which items you have clicked-on and tossed into your purchasing cart. They took an effort to assemble all the products and send reminder emails, along with a promo-code. The key takeaway here is re-targeting. Not just a marketing jargon, but one of the most important follow up to winning a buyer’s decision.

2. Email is your bestfriend

Granted that for a business starting out, one does not have a marketing army tucked away in your sweatshop. But there’s good old email. Following up with your potential buyer via email is one way to influence a buyer’s purchase decision. Services such as MailChimp¬†allows you to create personalized email based on purchase-cart history. They have both free and paid options, and beautiful templates that you can experiment with.

3. Segmentation is your spouse

You can further segmentate your audience into groups, and create targeted promotions based on gender, birthdays, purchase history and preferences. If someone who has bought items from your site before, but haven’t visited for sometime (say about a month), send them a promo-code for a newly launched item that might piqued his or her interest. We suggest that these promo-code don’t expire, unless you have a very specific time-framed campaign going on, you have no idea how many times we troll back our email inbox to search for coupons when we need that pair of shoes. hint-hint*

4. Packaging prowess, once you have the budget.



Key takeaways here are personalization and segmentation, take the time to analyse your audience, know them like your bffs, and it’ll pay off in the long run. If you need more in-depth advise on segmentation or which platform to use for analytics and campaigns, get in touch with us.

Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.