5 types of Content to Grow Your Fans

Last week we shared a post on Content Strategy, and why you should include content as part of your marketing efforts. Today we’ll be sharing 5 types of content to get you started, to engage your audience and delight your customers.

1. Problems VS Solutions approach

Think about the possible problems that your customers might face and how using your product or service might help to solve that problem. Smart brands know how to provide guidances and answers that customers would potentially meet. Anticipating these problems ahead for your customers creates a lasting positive relationship for the brand. For example, if you’re selling custom-made leather goods such as bags, you could provide tips on how to clean and maintain leather goods bags. The brand HardGraft is a great example on engaging customers beyond just products, e.g. providing tips to buyers on ‘customer-care’.

2. Visual content that inspires, and sharable

The quote ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ still holds true. Sometimes aside from an interesting article, photos/images or moodboard can be used to inspire a customer. For example, you have an online store that sells a novelty item such as a ceramic pot plant. Creating a moodboard that places the plant on the work table would trigger purchasing decision. After all, having plants around your work spaces increases productivity level and keep you calm.


image via Pinterest

3. Guidebook approach, and how-to’s

This type of content is particularly useful for utility items, or food ingredients. Providing a video on ‘how-to-make-the-perfect-hollandaise-sauce’, or food-hacks will keep your audience interested, and entertained. You’ll be surprised by the number of users who have googled ‘how-long-does-it-take-to-boil-an-egg?’ – simple tips like this goes a long way..

4. Create a passion page for your users

Content marketing is all about your audience, knowing their passion, their interest and what do they do with the product that you sell. Go-Pro is a perfect example how on content marketing is done right using video as a medium.  From deep diving and exploring Mexico’s Cenotes to chasing dolphins in Portugal, see how passionate Go-Pro fans uses video to share how they use the product.

5. A good brand story

Sometimes having a little bit more knowledge about the history of a product or how one come about to turning a hobby into a business for example adds a personal touch to your product or service. Just like any other shopper, we love to find bit more about the things we are using, like who’s the maker/founder/creator, when was it invented/set-up, what’s the inspiration behind the product or the service? Stories about the founders tend bring more trust to the brand, and therefore it creates a personal touch to the overall buying experience.

Delivering a good brand experience is key to brand loyalty, and driver for purchase decision. These 5 tips to engaging your users and customers will set you off on a great start to grow your fan-base 🙂

Zee Ng

Zee is a digital strategist who have worked in a number of online enterprise. She believes in technology and creativity that change lives for the better. When not blogging, she enjoys cafe-hopping, nature trails, being near the ocean and discovering films. Get in touch, for collaboration.